Server Secrets

Minecraft Server Secrets


Running your own game server is on the minds of many gamers. What does it mean, and how can you make it work? This group delves into the secrets of Minecraft servers.

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What to expect?

  • Exploring the secrets of a Minecraft server and learning how to modify it (also known as modding).
  • Group members learn to set up their own server on their computers and manage it.
  • This server-focused group differs significantly from our other groups, as actual gameplay is minimal. The main focus is on the technical setup and management of the server.
  • Requires patience and an interest in delving into technical terms and details.
  • Learning to manage one's own server is also valuable media education. We delve into copyright issues and consider the type of content and behavior permissible on one's own server.

Attention modders! This group is for all those gamers who enjoy disassembling items to better understand how they work. The same thing is done here for Minecraft.

Do you want to create your own Minecraft worlds that function just the way you want them to? What if you could set up a Minecraft realm on the internet, defined by you, and open it up for other players to enjoy, either alone or with friends? The Minecraft Server Secrets group is all about learning to do these things!

Starting from the technical setup of the server to configuring the Minecraft software and adapting rules to the desired format. In the future, we'll explore the basics of servers and computer networks, design our own server configurations, and learn how to act as administrators. In the group, everyone can build their own Minecraft server alone or with a friend, inviting others to play.

By completing School of Gaming's Server Sheriff and Server Hero achievement badges, gamers can apply for certification of their own game server as a School of Gaming friendly server.

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For gamers who are interested in setting up their own gaming servers.
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Minecraft Java

Minecraft Java Edition is rated E for Everyone