Gaming time you can feel good about.

We help kids to be their best selves by playing computer games online.

We have created a storified and gamified learning path for children to motivate and excite them even more!

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Why School of Gaming?

We are the coolest school in the world. Kids don't even realise they are taking lessons. We don't want kids to over-perform. They face already too many expectations and demands. We want our gamers to discover the love for learning through doing things they already love.

Fun lessons

Learn 21st century skills as you play. Kids get to be kids.

Safe playground

Zero tolerance for bullying and toxic behaviour.

New friends

Children build genuine and lasting friendships online.

How to start

You can join SoG anytime and at any level. We have suitable groups for all ages and skill levels.

By clicking the icons you can learn more about different lesson types.

Join a lesson

Become a Gamer.

To attend the weekly lessons our gamers log in on our communication server where they are greeted by their own game educator (aka. Gedu).

Gedu guides them through the day's topic, be it Minecraft adventure, coding exercises or Fortnite esports class.

Between classes the gamers get various fun challenges to do online and/or offline.

During holidays we organize online camps and every week there are other fun community events, tournaments and competitions.