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We get paid, after you get paid. Are you interested offering game based learning to your customers?
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Six young gamers in a class room playing Minecraft Education.

Win-Win Academic and Business Partnership

Partnering with us, not only makes your institution stand out from the rest by having an academic curriculum that includes the finnish engaging method of digital extracurricular activities, but also represents a business opportunity.

Your customers, the parents, enroll to our clubs, and only after  we have minimum enrollment do we begin our clubs. The parents pay the school, which includes a margin on top of our fees, and then the school pays SOG. As simple as that.
How it works

The process

We provide all the marketing materials

All you need to do, is to distribute them in your channels.

You do the presales

You have the best knowledge of your customers. You know the channels and networks.

You register children and receive payments

You just need to inform us the participant lists after the enrollment.

We make sure everyone gets the necessary info and gets to the lesson

We will answer all the questions your customers may have about the lessons.

When lessons start, we receive our share from payments

Only after you have enough participants, we start the lessons and we get paid our share.

Why us?

School of Gaming encourages communication, interaction and positive development of children by offering online gaming clubs that teach children skills of the future. We want our gamers to discover their love for learning by doing things they already love. We don't want kids to over-perform. They face already too many expectations and demands.

Some numbers

  • We have operated in four different continents.
  • We have trained over 200 game educators from various backgrounds.
  • We have been privileged to play with over 5 000 gamers all over the world.
  • We are the biggest provider of Digital Hobbies in Finland, partnering with 100 municipalities and 250 schools

Who are we again?

We are School of Gaming Galactic Oy (SOG) is a Finnish social impact company with years of experience in providing the biggest cities and most innovative schools in Finland with the best educational digital hobbies.

Read more about us

Some of our partners

What do our clubs include?

Online Game Educators
Our Finnish Game Educators will guide children through countless educational adventures that will foster the skills of the future.
Online Demo for Parents
To support our partners, we arrange an online Demo that will showcase Finnish Digital Youth Work to parents, and give children a glimpse of the many gaming adventures they will experience.
Finnish Game Education Method
Games motivate children to learn. They are a safe place to make a mistake and they urge them to try one more time even if they just failed.
Access to all our tools
Our partnership includes access to all our coding, media and gaming tools.
Pre-made marketing materials
We will share our proven and tested marketing material for you to distribute to your audience or customers.

Want to know more?

Download our prochure.
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A school boy playing Minecraft Education in a class room
We were impressed with the passion and expertise of the School of Gaming team.

"Despite the challenges of distance learning, our students were able to connect with the SOG instructors and gain valuable knowledge and skills in coding and game design. We appreciate the dedication and hard work of the SOG team, and would recommend their services to any school looking to provide innovative and engaging learning opportunities."

André Struve

School Director and Vice-President

Footprints International School
Phnom Penh, Cambodia