Programming, game design and server building in Minecraft Redstone & Roblox.

At School of Gaming Minecraft is used to learn many great skills, such as programming, game design and server building.

Minecraft is a great tool to start learning the basics of programming. But it can be also used to learn the fundamentals of game design, before moving to other tools and technologies. In Minecraft we learn logic and technology. We also dig deeper into natural sciences behind engineering. For example, would you like to build a flying car or learn how to make machine that spits out fire when you press a button? At our technology lessons it is possible!

Game and and level design skills can be harnessed further with Roblox. It is a game that we also use as a "textbook" in our technology lessons. With Roblox Studio we learn how to design and make games.Many gamers are excited about the possibility to learn to set up, host, maintain and manage their own Minecraft game servers. At School of Gaming we learn how to set up a Minecraft Java server, host and run it and at the same time grow and manage own Minecraft community and become familiar with the secrets of the servers!

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Curiosity Driven

We let kids run into problems and together we then try to solve them. This way we feed their innate curiosity and develop their problem-solving skills.

Our Master Inventor, Tekola Nisla, who only lives in Sogversum, sets up brain wrenching puzzles at our technology workshop.

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