The Company

School of Gaming Galactic Oy was established in 2020, right before the pandemic dramatically changed the world. Our original business plan was to create gaming hubs globally. However, as we all know, those plans had to change! Let's just say we needed to make a significant shift in our strategy.

We held several brainstorming sessions, until the idea hit us. We could establish a single, global online hub to provide game education.
Using the same tools schools employed during the lockdown. This unexpected turn of events proved beneficial. We soon discovered that offering game education online allowed us to connect with a broader gamer community. If we put in the hard work, we could make a significant positive difference in the world.

And on that road we are today.

Some numbers

  • We have operated in four different continents.
  • We have trained over 200 game educators from various backgrounds.
  • We have been privileged to play with over 5000 gamers all over the world.
  • We are the biggest provider of Digital Hobbies in Finland, partnering with 100 municipalities and 250 schools

What kind of impact we are after?

Kids today must learn to adapt in an ever-evolving online world. Much of what we know now will be completely different in the future. We need to impart the critical skills for children to succeed within life and the digital world. Online games serve as an ideal medium to impart these critical skills. The best part? The kids don't even realize they're learning at school.

We cleverly leverage their passion for games to introduce essential 21st-century topics. We allow kids to be kids, and provide a secure environment where their natural curiosity and excitement can take the lead. Our skilled game educators act as guides, that deliver enriching experiences for our young participants.

We aim to make our gamers smart and self-confident digital citizens. Thus, we are making the future of Internet and all metaverses brighter for next generations. We have zero-tolerance for all kinds of bullying and toxic behavior. And thats the kind of future we want everyone to be a part of.

We're forging a unique professional domain, leveraging popular games and online platforms to develop innovative services for the digital marketplace. Our company prioritizes providing equal opportunities, employing individuals who, once feared being marginalized in the employment sphere.

Do you want to talk more about this?

Just send a message one of our owners. Yep. That's all of them. We are privately owned small business, who is striving for positive impact.