After-school gaming activities

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In some municipalities and cities, the hobby is organised online using devices found at home. In some places the activities are held in the school’s premises. Whether the activity is held online or live at the school, our game educator is always present.

Notice that in some municipalities the registration is done in using some other service. If you are unsure or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our activity coordinator (

Please remember to cancel your registration if your child quits the hobby. There is always a long waiting list to each of the activities.

If your city does not yet provide gaming hobbies, but you want to offer your child an educational and safe gaming hobby, you can check out our private gaming lessons here.

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Programming and Game Design

Coding is one of the most useful skills that kids can learn these days. During programming and game design sessions, we teach the basics of coding using Minecraft Education and its visual code builder. We make mini games and as kids become more proficient with programming we build bigger projects together.

Media hobby for content creators

Get familiar with different content creation tools and technologies and become a content creator. Gamers learn the dos and don’ts of modern media landscape during their own media projects where they get to perform on and off camera. Own media project can be e.g. a stream or one’s very own channel.

Make animation magic

You don’t need to know how to draw or be a great visionary artist to join this afternoon activity. Together we explore different animation techniques and create small projects. Hobby prepares the gamers how to create visually interesting content that respects copyrights of others.

Grand Adventures for the Curious Mind

Grand Adventures is a huge exploration journey to the world of science. We dig deep into the wonders of chemistry, biology, astronomy, physics and even engineering. Some puzzles might require to learn coding, maybe some mathematical brain twisters are hidden in the laboratory. Together we create a project, roll our sleeves and get cracking those pesky puzzles.

Jump aboard to the Mighty Time Machine

Mighty Time Machine is history themed Minecraft hobby activity where together we travel through times and get to know different eras by solving marvellous and exciting quests. Some might want to rebuild the Colosseum, others venture to find he dinosaurs. Curiosity is only compass we need.

Take esports hobby to the next level

Esports hobby introduces you to the world of goal oriented and competitive gaming. The gamer learns how to balance gaming with other hobbies and starts to implement healthy habits. Becoming a pro requires a lot of discipline and making sure that all aspects of life are in harmony. Social relationships, school, sleep and nutrition all play their part on the path of becoming true gamer.

Treasure and creature hunt begins!

Who says gamers need to spend days inside playing!? This activity takes brave players to the great outdoors to hunt Pokémons and hidden treasures. Together we conquer all neighbouring poké-stops and gyms, participate raids and snoop out every geocache in the vicinity. The worse the weather, the more interesting Pokémons can be found. So gear up! Let’s go!