After-school gaming activities

Afternoons have never been this fun! Find out if your home town offers gaming hobbies by clicking

In some municipalities and cities, the hobby is organised online using devices found at home. In some places the activities are held in the school’s premises. Whether the activity is held online or live at the school, our game educator is always present.

Notice that in some municipalities the registration is done in using some other service. If you are unsure or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our activity coordinator (

Please remember to cancel your registration if your child quits the hobby. There is always a long waiting list to each of the activities.

If your city does not yet provide gaming hobbies, but you want to offer your child an educational and safe gaming hobby, you can check out our private gaming lessons here.

Registeration is open!

Our Game Studio

How cool it would be to have your own game studio that would create all kinds of amazing games. We all dream of making the next hit game. But what does it actually require to build one? Let's find out.


Stories have been told since the dawn of time. In Sogwood we will create new ones and find the right media to get them across to audiences. Everyone has a part to play. Every production needs all hands on deck. In Sogwood you can be a director, a choreographer, an illustrator, a voice actor... or the one who keeps everyones creative mood high and the production running. All are equally important. Welcome to the land of imagination!

Grand Adventures for the Curious Mind

Grand Adventures is a huge exploration journey to the world of science. We dig deep into the wonders of chemistry, biology, astronomy, physics and even engineering. Some puzzles might require to learn coding, maybe some mathematical brain twisters are hidden in the laboratory. Together we create a project, roll our sleeves and get cracking on those pesky puzzles.

Our e-Team

Esports is much more fun in a team. So why don't we set up one and figure out what it takes to run a team and play in a one. This esports club is for those who love playing in a competitive manner, but equally for those who want to be part of a team and find their role on the organisational side. The most important thing for everyone is to learn how to develop healthy routines and habits so that the whole e-team has energy shine in their roles.

Monster hunt and outdoor games!

Who says gamers need to spend days inside playing!? This activity takes ambitious players to the great outdoors to hunt Pokémon and find hidden treasures. Together we conquer all neighboring poké-stops and gyms, participate raids and snoop out every geocache in the vicinity. In addition we will bring back all the oldschool outdoor games and develop new ones! So gear up! Let’s go!