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Summer camps 2023

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119 €

Expedition to new Minecraft 1.20 version - online summer camp

June 19, 2023
4 days

Join an exciting adventure in the new Minecraft Java 1.20 version called Trials and Tales and find out all about the new features and possibilities in School of Gaming's immersive Online Summer Camp.

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199 €

Magic Flute Adventure Online Summer Camp in Minecraft

June 26, 2023
5 days

The Queen of the Night has lost her voice! She cannot sing her famous aria. You know, that la-la-la-la-lallallallallallall-laaaaa part? And Prince Tamino is in trouble. Again. There have even been sightings of dragons in the area. The solution might be found in the Temple of Ordeal, but first, one must venture through the enchanted grove. This cannot be done alone. Help is needed! Who you gonna call? Gamers, of course!

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