Minecraft in English

Learn English in Minecraft

Would you like your child to learn English in a fun and motivating way? Join our "Learn English in Minecraft" lesson! Together with other gamers explore School of Gaming's visually stunning Minecraft world under the supervision of our experienced game educators.


Our "Learn English in Minecraft" lesson offers a unique opportunity for young gamers to hone their English language skills and develop important 21st century skills such as teamwork, communication, and creativity through the exciting world of Minecraft. Our gaming educators provide positive feedback and communication to help build children's self-confidence. The changing themes within the club cover interesting and relevant topics, which are presented through storytelling.

Our game educators emphasise personal responsibility for creating a fun gaming environment. Good behavior and consideration for others are always in style. It is important that each young gamer feels that they are part of a larger community while still being able to express themselves and learn valuable life skills.

In our Learn English in Minecraft lesson, our game educators create a safe and friendly gaming environment where children work on collaborative projects. Teamwork requires discipline and patience, skills which are developed in the club. Our goal is to create a positive atmosphere where each young gamer feels that working together yields more rewarding results than working alone. This lesson is the perfect place for young gamers to begin their journey online as young digital citizens while meeting international peers.

As children play, their English proficiency develops and vocabulary increases as we adventure forward in our exciting Minecraft world. On top of that they gain useful and interesting insights into the cultures and backgrounds of their new multi-cultural gamer buddies.

Games used in this lesson:

Minecraft Java

Minecraft Java Edition is rated E for Everyone


Game educators

Rasmus Sahlberg
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