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I travel across the SoG world, pickaxe and Nether in tow. That's the vibe in our international, English-speaking group. Guided by a game educator, we embark on storied survival adventures full of excitement and challenges. And at the heart of it all is practicing English language skills and exploring different cultures.

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What to expect?

  • The international gaming lesson introduces players to fellow gamers from around the world, promoting tolerance, cultural awareness, and understanding of one's own identity. 
  • The lesson is conducted in English, spoken at each individual's level. The game educator assists and reinforces the gamer's written and spoken English language skills. 
  • An adventurous storyline captivates participants, enhancing teamwork and problem-solving abilities.

School of Gaming's international group brings together English-speaking gamers from around the globe. It's the perfect place to practice spoken and written English skills in an exciting gaming environment, with an immersive storyline that turns even the quietest players into chatterboxes. Under the caring guidance of the game educator, everyone focuses on listening and gains the courage to speak, because this crew works as a tight-knit unit.

Our international group is one of the most adventurous gamer communities in the entire Sogversum. That's why they plunge headfirst as the third cube into the wildest survival corners of our Minecraft worlds. It's actually a good thing that their sense of adventure is paired with international language skills, helping them navigate tricky situations in the real world too.

Flawless language skills aren't expected from anyone, and everyone chats to the best of their abilities. Confidence in language usage grows as the lessons progress. In a familiar environment, with good friends around, participants dare to tackle even more challenging conversation topics.

Experience the exciting and educational world of Minecraft with our Learn English in Minecraft club at School of Gaming!

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Easy minecrafting in an international environment.
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Minecraft Java

Minecraft Java Edition is rated E for Everyone