Sonja Lappalainen

Lead Content Creator
Sonja is our trouble maker who constantly challenges our gamers to excell. She is also our head gardener in our Minecraft worlds. If you can imagine it, she can make it reality.

Sonja's imagination takes our gamers from one adventure to another. Her pen has given life to many of our beloved NPC's and our Minecraft worlds are magnificient due to Sonja's skilful use of the picaxe. Her brushstrokes can be seen, felt and enjoyed all over Sogversum. She also coaches our Overwatch gamers and takes care of our social media accounts.

Our gamers know her as the rat lady, since she is the pack leader for the cutest bunch of pet rats.

Storytelling, Digital Content Creation, Minecraft World Creation, Esports Coaching, Script writing, Dramaturgy
Sonja has unbroken victory streak in Rocket League and is called a demolition lady among her team mates.

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