Nico Ilkanheimo

Lead of Learning
Nico is the one who is always on the move. Sitting still is nearly impossible for him. If you bump into him on our School's corridors, you most likely leave the meeting with a training program. Are you already writing your gratitude journal? How about your water intake, are you hydrated?

Nico has a Master’s Degree in Sport Pedagogy specialising in esports. He has been with School of Gaming from day one. One of his passions is how games can be harnessed as a force for good. He is our performance enhancer and coaches all our game educators on their path to becoming experience architects.

Nico has coached Finland’s best esports players and consulted leading Finnish teams and helped them improve their performance by focusing on right things in their psychological and physiological practices.

Pedagogy, Esports Coaching, Performance Enhancement, Content Creation, Game Based Learning, Life Coaching
Nico is the master of funny gifs. Whole conversations have been kept just by using them.

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