Open doors

Occasionally we organize free open door days where you can try out some of our most popular lessons. All you need is the game stated in the lesson description, a computer and a set of headphones.

All our open door lessons are organised in Microsoft Teams. You get the link in your email after registering to the lesson.

1. Choose the lesson you want to try

Monday 25.3. 18:30-20
Overwatch training with Sonja
Age group: 12–17

Sonja is our Overwatch esports coach. During this demo lesson she shows what it is like to train esports seriously, goes through vital routines and ends the session with relaxed gaming session. You get a glimpse of both her esports lessons, Tuesdays training for more advanced players and Thursdays lesson that concentrates more on social skills and team building.

You need to have Overwatch installed on your computer to attend this lesson. Notice that Overwatch is PEGI 12 rated game.

Tuesday 26.3. 18:30-20
Minecraft lesson with focus on Redstone mechanics with Suvi
Age group: 10–13

Redstone is a block in Minecraft that opens up a whole new world of possibilities in the Cube World. On this lesson Suvi introduces Redstone and the Corner of Sogversum dedicated to its secrets. The lesson is suitable for both Redstone novices and experts, because in Minecraft building projects the fun is in the cooperation and sharing knowledge. The gamer should have basic Minecraft skills to attend this lesson.

You need to have Minecraft Java installed on your computer to attend this lesson.

Wednesday 27.3. 18:30-20
Coding Basics with Roope

During this demo lesson Roope introduces you to the world of Minecraft Education and block coding. Participants should have basic computer skills, but no coding experience is needed. You will meet Captain Error and his loyal friends and solve fun coding puzzles on this lesson.

You will receive a Minecraft Education licence before the lesson starts and it should be installed on your computer in advance. No other game needed.

Thursday 28.3. 18:30-20
Relaxed Minecraft Adventure with Marika
Age group: 8–11

Get to know our storified gaming lesson experiences with Marika and Llama Valley. During this demo lesson you will start building a new borough to one of our most beloved Corners of Sogversum, the Llama Valley. The main objectives of adventure lessons are to teach kids social and communication skills, cooperation, give food for their imagination and enforce their positive self image. This lesson is suitable for Minecraft beginners.

You need to have Minecraft Java installed on your computer to attend this lesson.

2. Book your FREE spot

You can book a place for multiple lessons, but just be mindful of the prerequisites of each lesson. You need the game that is used on the lesson installed on your computer before hand. We will send you the participation link well in advance before the lesson starts. Headset is recommended and a working microphone is necessary for attendance. If you have any questions regarding the lessons or the games, please contact