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The wildly popular Roblox is a sandbox game similar to Minecraft, where you can create games for your own and others' enjoyment. While most players play games made by others and roam Roblox's game world, developing and customizing their avatars (game characters), a growing group of young gamers learns the basics of programming, game design, and 3D modeling through Roblox.

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What to expect?

  • Let's play together and have fun in the diverse world of Roblox. 
  • We create competitions and rules for them in various Roblox games and compete in them. 
  • We analyze games—what makes them good and what could have been done better. 
  • After each lesson, we discuss experiences, listen to others' opinions, and maybe even have a friendly debate, all in good harmony.

Roblox is an incredibly popular game offering something for nearly every taste. In the Saturday Roblox group, we try out various Roblox games and discover our favorites. At the same time, we learn what kind of gamer each of us is and what makes a game interesting and good.

In this group, the main focus is on having fun together. Aside from maintaining a great group dynamic, considering everyone's opinions, and promoting positive interaction, there are no specific performance goals. At SoG, it's perfectly fine to just play together with good friends and under the guidance of a friendly game educator, without any grand ambitions.

Within the group, we organize plenty of fun competitions in Roblox's in-game games. Together, we come up with rules and keep our own group scoreboard. Group members maintain the "Top 10 Roblox Games" list, visible to other gamers in the School of Gaming community. This list is based on feedback sessions after each lesson. The purpose of these sessions is to encourage all group members to voice their thoughts, listen to others' opinions, articulate their viewpoints, and even engage in friendly debates, all in good harmony.

Roblox Gaming Lesson - Join our game design club and become a Roblox expert!

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Roblox is rated E for Everyone, but some games on the platform may have different age ratings depending on their content.