Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator - Escape the Asphalt Jungle

School of Gaming's Farming Simulator lets urban kids escape the asphalt jungle and experience the satisfaction of growing crops and raising livestock. Learn valuable skills and gain a deeper understanding of the world around us in this realistic farming simulation game.


In this club, there are no zombies or shootouts around the corner. This club is zen. You can almost hear the crops growing in the fields you've sown. Around you, tractors rumble slowly past, and cows moo in the pasture.

School of Gaming's Farming Simulator brings our own educational farm to life, letting the future torchbearers of the countryside jump into the tractor's driver's seat and learn the ancient profession of farming. Along the way, they'll learn about geography, biology, economics, chemistry, decision-making, and project work.

Unlike Supercell's popular HayDay game, School of Gaming's farm simulation club aims to model real-world farm behaviour as accurately as possible. The price of grain is affected by economic conditions, tractors can break down, purchases must be made with planning and care, and a delicate balance must be maintained. You can consider the future of your own farm and your next move while listening to your favorite songs at the helm of a combine harvester. Young virtual farmers are encouraged to explore sustainable agriculture and try new crops and farming techniques.

Guiding young club members on their journey to becoming farmers and serving as the head farmer is School of Gaming's own game educator. In this world, up to 16 players can play at the same time.Farming Simulator is also a real esport game with its own tournaments! Later on, it's possible to join these competitions as skills improve.Link to page: More info about SoG's complete study program known as the "Gamer's path". You might find some other interesting programs there!

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Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator is rated E for Everyone.


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