Learning with Minecraft Education Edition at School of Gaming

At School of Gaming we believe in the power of play and games. Fun factor is an important ingredient in motivation to learn. Minecraft Education Edition is exactly that. A motivating and fun tool to learn new things.
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Mikko Perälä

Why Minecraft Education Edition?

Minecraft Education Edition (Minecraft EE) is not just a game. It's a platform that goes beyond traditional learning methods, offering numerous exciting content modules and tools for educators and students alike. With our professional Minecraft EE game-educators (aka. teachers), School of Gaming is able to provide a unique educational experience that is not readily available to everyone. Only schools and other educational institutions can access these licenses, and we are happy to be among them.

The Education Edition of Minecraft is specially designed for learning. It takes the core features of the original game and adds more specific features aimed to improve learning and educational outcomes. Here's why we are so excited about Minecraft EE here at School of Gaming:

Collaborative Learning: Minecraft encourages teamwork and communication, essential skills in both the face-to-face situations and the digital world.

Critical Thinking: Through problem-solving in game-based scenarios, students develop analytical skills in a fun and engaging way.

Creativity Unleashed: With endless possibilities for creation, Minecraft serves as a canvas for imagination, allowing students to design, build, and explore their own virtual worlds.

Educational Flexibility: Minecraft Education Edition can teach many different subjects, from history and mathematics to computer science and environmental science, making learning multifaceted and comprehensive.

Learning Modules Examples

Minecraft Education Edition hosts a lot of pre-built content modules that serve as powerful tools for learning. Here are a couple of examples we especially like:

Learning programming: A great starting point to learn programming and coding. This module introduces students to basic coding skills as they navigate through the Minecraft world. It's a hands-on way to learn computer science, encouraging students to think like programmers.

Fundamentals of AI: Take gamers on a journey through what it means to build AI responsibly in this thrilling adventure. This Minecraft module is an easy computer science tutorial that’s accessible to all learners no matter their coding experience or familiarity with AI.

Sustainable farming and ecology: Farmcraft is a great tool to learn about sustainable farming, ecology, economy, biology and much more! In this module gamers will learn to farm, take care of animals, trade, use machines and learn about crops and plants. 

Join the adventure that extends beyond the online world

At School of Gaming, our mission goes beyond the digital realm. By integrating Minecraft Education Edition into our weekly lessons, we're preparing our gamers for real-world challenges. By participating in our activities they learn about online safety, coding, history, architecture and engineering not just in theory but in practice, thanks to Minecraft Education Edition.

Please take a look at some of our lessons that use Minecraft Education Edition:

Minecraft's offline capabilities guarantee that learning doesn't stop when the screen goes off. The skills like teamwork, problem-solving and creativity, which our gamers acquire in the game, translate into tangible benefits in the classroom, at home, and in future careers.

Almost every school in Finland offers access to Minecraft Education Edition, and it's worth discussing with your child's teacher. 

Or just sign up for School of Gaming’s online camps and/or lessons through our website.

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