Why Discord is the Chosen Platform for School of Gaming

Discord, known for its robust features that cater to gaming communities, offers a unique blend of communication, collaboration, and community-building tools. Read more to understand why Discord is the chosen platform for School of Gaming.
Diverse group of children and teenagers engaging in a safe and educational online gaming community through Discord, promoting a sense of community and online safety.
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Mikko Perälä

In the evolving digital landscape, where online learning and community building are more pivotal than ever, the School of Gaming has embraced Discord as its primary platform. Discord, known for its robust features that cater to gaming communities, offers a unique blend of communication, collaboration, and community-building tools. This choice, though not without its considerations regarding online safety, is deliberate and strategic, aligning with our mission to offer high-quality game-based learning in a fun, safe, and friendly environment.

The Rationale Behind Choosing Discord

Community and Engagement: At the heart of School of Gaming's mission is the creation of a vibrant, engaging community where learners can thrive. Discord's structure facilitates this by providing dedicated spaces for different games and topics, allowing learners to dive deep into their interests. The platform's voice, video, and text communication options enable real-time interaction, mirroring the dynamic, interactive nature of gaming itself.

Educational Integration: Discord's capacity for creating private servers and channels ensures that our game educators can curate tailored learning experiences. Each course or gaming session can have its own dedicated space, making it easier to manage and deliver content. This environment fosters a focused, interactive learning experience where educators and learners can share resources, discuss strategies, and collaborate on projects seamlessly.

Flexibility and Accessibility: With Discord, learners can access their community and lessons from anywhere, on any device. This flexibility is crucial for our diverse, global community, ensuring that learning and engagement are not confined to a specific time or place. Discord's user-friendly interface and cross-platform support mean that learners can stay connected, whether they're at home on a PC or on the go with a mobile device.

Navigating Online Safety on Discord

While Discord offers numerous benefits, we are acutely aware of the online safety issues inherent to any digital platform. Here are the measures we've taken and tips for parents to ensure a secure experience:

Monitored Environment: Our game educators are always present in our Discord community, ensuring a safe and respectful environment. They are trained to detect and address any inappropriate behavior, ensuring that interactions remain positive and supportive.

Private Community: The School of Gaming's Discord server is private and invite-only. We vet all members before granting access, ensuring that we know everyone in the community and their parents. This closed environment significantly reduces the risk of exposure to online threats.

Parental Controls and Guidance: Discord offers a range of parental controls that we encourage parents to utilize. Here's how you can make Discord safer for your child:

  • Privacy Settings: Adjust privacy settings to control who can add your child as a friend and send direct messages. Limiting these interactions to known friends and community members can significantly reduce risks.
  • Explicit Content Filter: Enable Discord's explicit content filter to block messages and media that may be inappropriate for children.
  • Safe Direct Messaging: Teach your child about the importance of safe online communication. Encourage them to share any concerns or uncomfortable experiences with you or a game educator.
  • Server Settings: Familiarize yourself with the server settings and rules. Our community has specific guidelines designed to maintain a respectful, safe environment for all members.

Beyond the Platform: Building a Safe Online Community

Our commitment to online safety extends beyond Discord's features. We engage in ongoing dialogue with parents and learners about digital citizenship, emphasizing the importance of respect, privacy, and security. Our game educators are not just instructors but mentors who guide learners in navigating online spaces responsibly.

In conclusion, while no digital platform is without its challenges, Discord's blend of community, flexibility, and educational potential makes it an ideal choice for the School of Gaming. By combining Discord's features with our proactive measures and parental guidance, we create a learning environment that is not only engaging and educational but also safe and secure.

We invite parents to join us in this journey, leveraging the tools and tips provided to ensure a positive and safe online experience for their children. Together, we can harness the power of gaming and community to create an enriching, empowering experience for all our learners.

More information on School of Gaming's game-based learning clubs and lessons at https://www.sog.gg/lessons/

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