Merry Holiday Minecraft Camp Online

4 days
Course starts:
January 2, 2024

Weatherpass is the wintery holiday destination for every Minecraft enthusiast. Forget the Alps and Gstad. No need to pack or hurry from one transport to another. Weatherpass awaits you on your computer. We bring the camp to you. You can enjoy the comforts of your home and still have the most amazing holiday camp experience. Welcome to our online Minecraft camp!

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What to expect?

Weatherpass is the dreamy winter holiday destination you have always wanted to visit. Our online camp with immersive storied elements, is aimed at children and young people aged 7-13 who are interested in Minecraft and gaming.

Minecraft online camp is every kids favorite holiday activity. Every camp day we organize fun activities from the comfort of your own home in Minecraft. All you need is:

  • internet connection
  • a computer with Minecraft Java installed in it
  • Discord installed on either a phone or on the computer
  • speakers and a microphone or a headset with a microphone
  • webcam is totally optional

Our immersive and inclusive camps are heavily story driven and each one of them is a unique experience. This holiday season we are traveling to Weatherpass which is a fun winter custom build village inside Minecraft. All you need is the game, no additional mods need to be installed on your computer.

Our online camps are a bit like live role playing - every gamer is a character in the story interacting with our NPCs and game educator. They have the power to transform the story based on their decisions and interactions.

You also get a camp leaflet, that you can wrap as a christmas present if you wish to give this camp as gift.

Storied camp experience

Weatherpass is our ultimate winter holiday destination with a lot of shops and boutiques, fun winter activities and unexpected encounters. This year the villagers have decided to build a mountain resort with all the trimmings and desperately need our gamers help.

The online Minecraft camp is full of fun building and crafting project that let the gamers' imagination soar down the slopes. We have also scripted lots of exciting mysteries for the campers to solve. And of course our beloved NPC's are there to meet the gamers.

This year we have two difficulty levels for you to choose from. The relaxed mode is for beginners and those who just want to have a bit of holiday fun. The black slope is for those gamers who want to build a bit more complex things, encounter bigger monsters and use redstone in their creations.

Winter holiday camp is a four-day event, allowing time to playing outside in the snow. The camp runs daily from 9 AM to 2 PM, with an hour-long lunch break at eleven.

The camp is an online camp that can be attended from the comfort of your own home or even from your grandparent's place if internet connection allows. If your child is nervous about attending camp, this can be a good way to practice being a camper.

You can create a camp atmosphere at home by setting up a tent in your room or preparing camp-appropriate snacks in the fridge. You can enhance the camp experience by stocking up the pantry accordingly. All of our camps include fun offline 'homework' designed to extend the camp's theme beyond computer activities.

Camp activities will take place on our Discord server. You will receive instructions for joining when you register for the camp.

  • You can choose the difficulty level (choose from variants)
  • Duration is 4 days
  • Starts on Tuesday, 9 am on our Discord Server (instructions on the camp leaflet)
  • 12 gamers per one game educator
  • Camp leaflet with fun offline activities

If you want to know what our camps are like, check this video.

A warm welcome to our enchanting game camp!

Daily schedule:

Every camp day starts at 9 am (UTC+3). At 11 am we have an hour long lunch break. Games resume at noon and continue to 2 pm. Gaming is peppered with exercise breaks. And every evening gamers can do fun and inspiring offline camp quests if willing.

Which type of gamer is this course a perfect fit?

Gamers who enjoy immersive adventures and building imaginative things in Minecraft
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