Learn programming basics in Minecraft (Minecraft Education Edition)

12 weeks
Course starts:
October 4, 2023

Learn programming basics through Minecraft. After a 12-week intensive course, young coders are ready to reach the next level on the SoG programming path.

You get a weekly lesson (1.5h) and an access to all our community events.
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What to expect?

  • Gain an understanding of what programming is and become familiar with fundamental programming concepts.
  • Develop problem-solving and logical thinking skills while working on exciting programming tasks using the Minecraft Education Edition's Block editor.
  • After completing the course, young aspiring coders are ready to join SoG's "Let’s Code" group at the first level.
  • A 12-week intensive course, 90 minutes each session.

Programming teaches logical thinking, systematic approach to problems, planning, perseverance, discipline, and many other skills that a young individual will need in life, whether they become full-fledged coders or not. In any case, programming is a fantastic hobby!

During the course, participants develop an understanding of what programming is – how we give instructions to a computer to make it perform desired tasks. We delve into the fundamental operations and concepts of computer programming (e.g., boolean true/false, if-then-else statements, variables). Minecraft Education Edition helps introduce these concepts in a highly visual manner.

By the end of the course, young coders from School of Gaming are prepared to level up to the next level: "Let’s Code – Simple Programming Projects in Minecraft."

Welcome to the world of programming!

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For those who want a crash course into programming.
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