Minecraft Beginner Course (Minecraft Education Edition)

6 weeks
Course starts:
October 6, 2023

Minecraft becomes much more exciting when you know which buttons to press and what resources to mix to create the desired combination. This Minecraft beginner course provides a strong foundation for embarking on a lifelong adventure in this extraordinary and legendary game.

You get a weekly lesson (1.5h) and an access to all our community events.
65 €
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What to expect?

  • You can join in with almost any device (Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Chromebook, and Android phones and tablets).
  • Learn the basics of Minecraft to get more out of the game and to join other SoG groups.
  • Explore the world of online gaming, understand online safety, and practice positive online behavior.
  • Learn to use the necessary equipment for online gaming – headphones, microphones, and communication software.
  • A 6-week intensive course, 90 minutes each session.

Is there a gamer or two running around with a pick-axe and with a cube-shaped head in your household? I understand. Please have a seat, and let's write your family a gaming recipe for Minecraft. It's important to understand that this medicine is quite powerful and can have significant side effects. Minecraft isn't just a game – it's a creativity tool that gives imagination dragon wings and a powerful jet engine. Playing together, guided by a gaming mentor, is far more enjoyable (and safer!) than doing it alone or with strangers.

In School of Gaming's Minecraft beginner course, participants learn the basics of Minecraft’s game mechanics, its functionalities, how to play it, and how to succeed in the game. Additionally, they acquire the necessary skills for online gaming, learn about online safety, and practice positive online behavior. This way, young gamers learn right from the start how to enjoy gaming safely, gaining positive experiences and a sense of accomplishment.

The course also covers the hardware and tools required for online gaming and introduces the communication software used.

The course is designed so that you can participate using almost any device – be it Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Chromebook, or Android phones and tablets.

At the end of the course, a Minecraft camp is organized, where other gamers from SoG also participate. (The camp is not included in the course fee).

Which type of gamer is this course a perfect fit?

For gamers who want start playing Minecraft.
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