Esports online bootcamp to level up your game

3 days
Course starts:
January 3, 2024

Online bootcamp for gamers who want to level up their game and see how professional players train. Camp games are Valorant and CS:GO 2. The camp is for 13–18 yrs old gamers.

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What to expect?

This is huge on Sogversum scale: biggest esports bootcamp in School of Gaming's history: professional player Lotta Liesmala and SOG's most popular esport coach Alejandro Soto are joining forces to organize an online bootcamp, featuring Valorant (Alejandro) and CS 2 (Lotta) players.

The camp will focus on what it's like to be a professional e-athlete and the qualities a professional player has/should have. Topics covered at the camp include how to prepare for games. In an intensive program, the role of routines and warm-ups in successful performance will be discussed, and participants will collectively think about developing their strengths.

All the skills learned at the camp are, of course, applicable beyond the gaming world. So, succeeding in esports requires the same skills as succeeding in any other aspect of life.

The camp coaches have planned various exciting activities to keep gamers engaged. One exercise involves jumping into unexpected situations, including a mini cross-play tournament among camp participants, where the basic principles of esports must be applied in an unfamiliar environment.

Note: Both Valorant and CS 2 are downloadable games available for free online, but please be aware that the age rating for both games is 16 years. According to Finnish law, the age limit can be flexible by 3 years if a child is playing in the presence of an adult. If you are registering a child under 16 for the camp, please take the audiovisual program law into account.

Camp Schedule:

Wed: 9–14 (with a life management workshop by Nico Ilkanheimo)
Thu: 9–14
Fri: 9–14

The camp will also feature Nico Ilkanheimo, the head of School of Gaming's esport coaching, giving a lecture on the management of an esport athlete's life.

This is a unique offer that you shouldn't miss out on. You can continue your competitive gaming journey after the camp with School of Gaming's esport lessons. Additionally, if there is demand, we have planned a separate lesson for older gamers led by Lotta, purely focusing on Counter Strike. Please inform the coach if you are interested in continuing your gaming hobby under guided instruction after the camp.

Choose which game you intend to play during the camp from the camp options.

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For esports gamers who want to raise their game to the next level and venture towards professional e-athletisism
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