Learning to Use Computers - Games as tools

6 weeks
Course starts:
October 3, 2023

To know how to use computers is a vital life skill that's best learned early. Our course teaches how to use computers and peripheral devices through games. During the course, we also learn crucial aspects of online gaming and how to behave as a true digital citizen in the virtual worlds.

You get a weekly lesson (1.5h) and an access to all our community events.
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What to expect?

  • Using computers is a skill that children should acquire at a young age.
  • Games serve as excellent educational tools for learning computer and mouse usage.
  • We practice online behavior and how to stay safe on the internet.
  • When a child learns to use computers, it's easier to engage with other SoG content.
  • A 6-week intensive course, 90 minutes each session.

Many children become skilled at using mobile devices like phones and tablets from an early age. Gaming consoles might be the next step as games become interesting. For many kids, the "console phase" lasts a long time, and transitioning to a slightly more complex interface, as found in computers, can be challenging.

However, computer skills are highly beneficial from the early years of primary school onwards. Not least because this makes it easier to engage with other School of Gaming's courses and lessons! Using computers for searching and organizing information, as well as content creation, opens doors to new worlds and is undoubtedly useful for learning new skills and knowledge of any kind.

In this course, we use various online free-to-play games as motivational tools to practice using a computer. Using mice and keyboards can be quite challenging for young fingers and requires practice, as these devices are designed for adults. However, with repetition and fun games, the keyboard and mouse become familiar quickly.

While having fun with games, we also teach children about online safety and how to navigate virtual worlds and the internet in a safe manner right from the start.

The course lasts for 6 weeks, after which participants can move on to other SoG’s courses and lessons. Welcome aboard!

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For those who are ready to start using computers.
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