Become a Gamer

Depending on your subscription, you get to choose 1–5 lessons from our weekly schedule. You can definitely mix and match according to your preferences. The Principal recommends Oxygen level - a gamer can really do progress in the hobby without overdoing the screen time.

All our lessons are 1,5 hours long with 15 min voluntary warmup in the beginning and cooldown in the end. This way hellos and goodbyes don't take valuable gaming time.


Once a week
VAT inc.
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  • 1 lesson from the schedule per week
  • Access to our closed Discord community
  • Monthly challenges and quests
  • Co-creator roles to our Sogversum story
  • Free access to SOG tournaments
  • 15% camp discount
  • Gamer Profile
  • Ubbu access
  • Minecraft Edu access


5 times a week
VAT inc.
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  • Up to 5 lessons from the schedule per week
  • Plus everything that is included in Hydrogen
  • 25% camp discount
Pricing applies only to direct consumer markets. For partnerships, please contact us.

Free membership

We want to offer also a free access to our gaming community. With this free membership you have limited access to our services but you can try out different activities and test if this is your way to approach a gaming hobby.

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