Survivors in Minecraft

Join the School of Gaming's Survivors lesson, designed for young gamers who enjoy Minecraft's Survival mode. Sharpen your senses and survival skills while learning cooperation, good behavior, and self-expression with our game-based learning method.


Let's make it clear from the start that we are all one, big School of Gaming's gamer tribe, and no one will be voted out! The Survivors in Minecraft lesson is designed for young gamers who enjoy Minecraft's Survival mode. To survive, you need good senses, nerves of steel, self-control, good cooperation, behavior, courage to express yourself and your ideas, and discussion and negotiation skills. But you don't have to be a born master to do all of these things! You'll learn them in while playing with the guidance of a School of Gaming game educator, or your gamer tribe's leader. And you know what tribes do? They stick together forever.

Gamers learn the importance of teamwork and following common rules. They create a sense of belonging and a foundation for smooth cooperation, which is essential when a zombie horde threatens to attack, and you have to build a fortress in five minutes!

As the hobby progresses and the gamers gain more diverse experiences and adventures, the tribe becomes more cohesive, and gamers begin to develop their own sense of strengths. Different challenges and tasks follow each other, and sometimes gamers have to take on different roles to win battles and overcome obstacles. The lesson's operating model is similar to that of esports team play, which is a natural step to take for the more experienced Minecraft cube heads of this club.

Games used in this lesson:

Minecraft Java

Minecraft Java Edition is rated E for Everyone


Game educators

Aino Aholainen