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Rocket League Esports Lesson

Buckle up and put on your football boots (or tyres)! Join the Rocket League Esports lesson and experience the thrill of competitive gaming. Rocket League is fast-paced, exciting, and perfect for young players who want to develop strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. Our expert coaches will teach you new tricks and skills to take your game to the next level together with your new teammates.


Vroom! Get ready to boost your skills and have a blast with the Rocket League Esports Club. Our expert coaches will help you master aerials, flicks, shots, and many more tricks to become a pro gamer. But that's not all! You'll also learn other essential skills for esports gaming, like team work, strategic thinking and problem-solving. Our warm-up routines will help you improve your accuracy and precision in the game.

Rocket League Esports lesson is perfect for young players who love games like Minecraft, Roblox, and would like to compete in esports, but do not necessary enjoy shooting and violence of Fortnite, Overwatch and other similar titles. Rocket League is easy to learn, has a strong competitive element, and is rated PEGI 3, making it suitable for younger players.

Our pro coaches will help more experienced players take their skills to the next level, while beginners will get a flying start (but remember to use the brakes too!) to their gaming journey.

Games used in this lesson:

Rocket League

Rocket League is rated E for Everyone.


Game educators

Misa Koivisto