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Esports for Beginners (Rocket League)


Buckle up and put on your soccer cleats (or wheels)! Join Rocket League Esports class and experience the excitement of competitive gaming. Rocket League is fast-paced, thrilling, and perfect for young players who want to develop strategic thinking, teamwork skills, and quick reflexes. Our expert coaches will teach you new tricks and techniques that will take your game to the next level alongside your new teammates.

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What to expect?

  • Suitable for all ages and can join in on a computer, console, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Rocket League is an esports game where you control small cars to hit a big ball into soccer goals.
  • Low-barrier group and game, perfect for starting your esports journey.

Vroom! Get ready to level up your skills and have fun with the Rocket League Esports Club. Our skilled coaches will help you master aerials, flicks, shots, and many other tricks to elevate your gameplay. But that's not all! You'll also learn other essential skills for esports, such as motor skills, teamwork, emotional control, and positive communication.

Rocket League Esports is ideal for beginners who want to engage in esports but may not enjoy the shooting and violence of games like Fortnite and Overwatch, or are still too young for those games. Rocket League is easy to learn, features a functional competitive system, and has a PEGI 3 rating, making it suitable for younger gamers. It's playable on all devices: computer, console, tablet, and mobile.

Our professional coaches will help experienced players take their skills to the next level, while beginners will have a flying start (but remember to use the brakes!) on their gaming journey.

Welcome to the world of esports!

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Beginner esport gamers. This is the place to start an esports hobby.
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Rocket League

Rocket League is rated E for Everyone.