Minecraft Megabuilders


In the Megabuilders group, imagination takes flight as gamers construct visionary creations that would leave even Leonardo da Vinci in awe. Unleash creativity while planning and cubing the projects first.

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What to expect?

  • Creative building with a skilled game educator in a good group
  • Projects are large and complex, requiring patience and spatial perception
  • Big projects compel gamers to collaborate closely, improving teamwork skills almost imperceptibly
  • Individual visions are learned to be articulated to others, communication skills elevate to new levels like never before

The School of Gaming is located in the realm of diligent block-wielders within the Sogverse gaming dimension. Many diligent builders are needed there. Especially epic and grand landmarks are far too scarce! That's why this group is the perfect place for all those gamers who love Minecraft, who grasp their pickaxes and tirelessly stack cubes upon cubes with unwavering enthusiasm.

In this group, gamers under the guidance of a game educator, or building master, bring their creativity to life through various building projects. Who will construct the tallest observation tower? What about the largest pyramid with underground catacombs, near the abandoned desert city of Khui-Wa-Lan? The School of Gaming's Rex always has some requests for improving the campus area and mysterious tasks for gamers to undertake. Not to mention the inventor Tekola Nisla!

Each project has a goal to strive towards. The aim is to learn to follow instructions, be systematic, and plan ahead. After smaller projects, larger endeavors come into play, where all gamers need to collaborate and put their heads together. As skills grow, building projects become more structured and complex, while also learning communication skills, teamwork, and considering others.

Minecraft Megabuilders - Learn to execute grand designs and build complex structures in Minecraft with School of Gaming!

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