Minecraft Megabuilders

Learn to build complex structures in Minecraft with Redstone! Create automatic doors, lighting systems, and more with School of Gaming's Minecraft Megabuilders lesson.


Are you ready to take your Minecraft skills to the next level? Join School of Gaming's Minecraft Megabuilders lesson and learn how to master Redstone, the Minecraft equivalent of electric circuits.

With Redstone, you can create all sorts of complex structures and contraptions, from automatic doors to self-sustaining cities and robotic farms.

Our club offers a fun, relaxed environment where kids can experiment, make mistakes, and learn through trial and error. And the possibilities are endless - one young gamer even built a working calculator using Redstone!

If you're interested in technology, electronics, and robotics, the Minecraft Megabuilders lesson is the perfect place for you. And once you've mastered Redstone, you'll be ready to take on our other technology lessons, including server, programming, robotics, and electronics/IoT.

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Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education Edition is rated E for Everyone


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