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Minecraft Lesson for Over 12-year-olds


Getting older doesn't mean you have to leave Minecraft behind. This lesson has an age limit, and only older blockheads can access the secret headquarters. With game educators, you can find a new way to continue playing Minecraft even if your age has reached double digits.

With only 39€/month you get a weekly lesson (1.5h) and an access to all our community events.
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What to expect?

  • Relaxed socializing and gaming in the company of peers under the guidance of a game educator.
  • Space for creativity and personal experimentation.
  • Belonging to a group helps strengthen one's identity.
  • Opportunity to discuss thought-provoking themes in a safe environment.

Once a Minecraft player, always a Minecraft player. Although playing with younger kids can become dull at some point. We set the age limit for this lesson at 13 years solely to allow older players to peacefully continue playing their beloved Minecraft.

Contents will adapt based on the group's interests. The lesson utilizes its own game server, where the group can test various mods and create adventures and building projects tailored to their taste.

As the years go by, you don't have to leave Minecraft's wondrous world behind. Our game educators have even turned their passion for the game into a profession. Minecraft's possibilities are so diverse that there's something for everyone of all ages. And it's much more enjoyable to play with peers of the same age and skill level.

So, don't forget about Minecraft. Join this lesson specifically for middle schoolers, where you can play your beloved game alongside those who share your love for blocks.

Minecraft lesson for Over 12-year-olds - Customize your Minecraft server with datapacks and gadgets

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For teenagers over 12 yrs old who love Minecraft.
Join in for 39€/month.
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Games used in this lesson:

Minecraft Java

Minecraft Java Edition is rated E for Everyone