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Minecraft Lesson for Over 12-year-olds

Join our Minecraft Club for over 12-year-olds! Play on our brand-new server, remodel it with datapacks and gadgets, and get tips from gaming expert and educator. Sign up for some epic Minecraft adventures now!


Are you a Minecraft gamer who has reached at least age-level 12 and is looking for a fun group to play with? Look no further! We have reserved a new area on the Sogversum map just for Minecraft players aged 12-15.

In this lesson, you will get to jump into a brand-new Minecraft server, which you can also customise with different datapacks and gadgets to make it your own. The lesson is led by our gaming expert and educator, who will not only give you tips on Minecraft but also on server maintenance, command scripting and programming, video editing and even esports!

Join our Minecraft lesson for over 12-year-olds and let the fun begin!

Games used in this lesson:

Minecraft Java

Minecraft Java Edition is rated E for Everyone


Game educators

Joona Lehtomaa
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