Minecraft Basics

Minecraft lesson for beginners

Looking for a fun and educational after-school activity for your child? Join our Minecraft lesson for beginners! Our game educators provide a safe and positive environment for your child to learn valuable 21st century skills like teamwork and communication. With changing themes and interesting topics, your child will never get bored!


In our Minecraft lesson for beginners, young gamers will learn valuable 21st century skills like teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. Our experienced game educators provide positive feedback to boost your child's confidence while exploring interesting and relevant themes. Good behavior and consideration for others are always in style, so we enforce our rules and teach commitment to agreed-upon standards. This creates a safe and inclusive environment where your child can feel like a part of something bigger. Our changing themes and interesting topics keep things fresh and exciting for your child!

Gamers can join this lesson using their consoles. This is perfect fit for those who have not yet mastered the use of computers.

Games used in this lesson:

Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is rated E for Everyone


Game educators

Ari Ketunvarjo