Coding Basics

Let's Code - Learn programming with Minecraft

Let's get started! Learn programming with others in the presence School of Gaming's guru inventor Tekola Nisla! In his amazing technology workshop the participants learn programming using Minecraft Education and other tools. Supervised and assisted by our crafty game educators, we solve big and small puzzles together, and before you know it, the blocks of code begin to fall into place like in Tetris.


In the "Let's Code - Learn Programming with Minecraft" lesson, basic programming concepts are taught using Minecraft Education.

Computer programming basics and concepts (e.g. boolean true/false, if-then-else statements, variables) are taught in a very visual way. Students learn to do cool coding things in Minecraft using their newly acquired skills. Our lessons take place online in the virtual technology workshop of Tekola Nisla. He is School of Gaming's inventor in residence and a very, very smart person! He is assisted by our game educators. Who also are very smart!

After we get started with basics in Minecraft students (aka. gamers) will practice what they have learned and transfer their knowledge to other programming environments. E.g. we will implement a small software project using JavaScript. Club members will also learn the basics of artificial intelligence in the Minecraft environment and will be able to build their own AI-based mini-applications.

Gamers will also learn to plan and work together as part of a larger group with a common goal. Their social and communication skills will improve and problem-solving skills will be put to the test as they tackle the puzzles provided by Tekola Nisla himself.

Our students will be working on various game designing and programming projects based on their skill levels and will earn their stripes and become Tekola Nisla's co-invetors and get their own dedicated booth at his workshop.

Games used in this lesson:

Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education Edition is rated E for Everyone


Game educators

Marika Piipari