Coding level 2

Let's Code 2 - Programming for More Advanced Code Enthusiasts


Let's get started! Learn programming with others in the presence School of Gaming's guru inventor Tekola Nisla! In his amazing technology workshop the participants learn programming using Minecraft Education and other tools. Supervised and assisted by our crafty game educators, we solve big and small puzzles together, and before you know it, the blocks of code begin to fall into place like in Tetris.

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What to expect?

  • Slightly more demanding programming projects to be done together under the guidance of a game educator. 
  • While programming skills are the main focus of this group, young gamers also learn to plan and work together as part of a larger team with a shared goal. 
  • The JavaScript programming language becomes familiar and is mastered.

As the fundamental concepts of programming become familiar and comfortable, it's time to transition to programming with real programming languages. Gamers who dream of creating their own games and already possess basic skills can join this lesson, aimed at taking programming hobbyists towards concrete projects. The sessions involve more challenging programming tasks, with no further review of basic concepts or functions.

The toolkit for more advanced code enthusiasts is JavaScript. It's the most common screwdriver in the toolbox of programming languages, capable of driving most screws into the wall, especially when working on projects in a web environment. JavaScript is a valuable language to learn at this stage, as it prepares learners for deeper dives into the world of coding. It's easy to start and use, and it works on nearly all platforms and devices. With JavaScript, websites come to life, and there are many useful libraries available for utilization.

Tekola Nisla, the ingenious inventor of Sogversum, has an extensive to-do list ready and waiting for programmers at the technology workshop.

Let's Code - Learn programming with Minecraft

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For gamers who want to take their programming skills ever further.
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Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education Edition is rated E for Everyone