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Join School of Gaming's Esports team to cultivate a healthy and balanced lifestyle while having fun with like-minded teammates. Our hobby provides an opportunity to develop discipline and positive habits that help children maintain a healthy balance between gaming and other important aspects of life.


On Tuesday we train in earnest. We focus more on techniques and tactics. If you looking for more casual approach to esports, Thursday's lesson is the place to be. Most of our esports trackers take these both, because they offer more opportunities to learn vital esports skills. If you are a beginner and not old enough to play for example Fortnite, Friday's lesson is a good place to start. There we play Rocket League that is rated E.

We are the official esports team of School of Gaming

Playing in a team is the best. Why struggle alone in the dark when you can be part of an Esports team?! There are many parts and roles in a team, all of which must function like a well-oiled machine to win the prestigious trophies. Like our own famous SOG trophy in the Pelifestari Esports tournament held twice a year where all other teams challenge our school's pride and joy!

Everyone has a role to play in a team

When preparing for the tournament, the team needs to have an identity. A logo, color scheme, a website, and a mascot are a good start. A team is nothing without team spirit, of course! All members of the team must feel that they belong to the team, are respected and appreciated. In a team it's also good to have a captain, perhaps a rotating one. Everyone will have their own role in team's operations and in different games we play. Roles and responsibilities we discover through training and by learning to identify the strengths and areas for improvement of each team member. The team also has a manager, who arranges training matches and talks to sponsors. Maybe our first sponsor will be one of the team member's dad's car repair shop? Let's get ourselves team jerseys!

And that's where it all starts. It is not always rosy, we will sweat and train hard. But that's just for our own good. Our coaches want to make sure the team is mentally and physically fit for challenges ahead. Being a member of the team does not end when the power is swtiched off from the computer. We follow the rules and values of the team in our offline-life as well. We practice in our free time and remember to exercise, bike to school, treat others as the way we want to be treated, never bully anyone and we leave those energy drinks on the shelf. Playing in a team is at least ten times better than playing alone. That's the spice and chili pepper of Esports!

In School of Gaming's Esports teams, we practice a variety of games, including Fortnite, Overwatch, CS:GO, Rocket League, Valorant, League of Legends, and Farming Simulator. We participate in tournaments and regularly organize them ourselves. Being a member of a team also means that we participate in competition and tournament organization, which is an important part of being active in the club. We are waiting for You! Just click that button and join the team.

Games used in this lesson:


Fortnite is rated T for Teen.



Overwatch is rated T for Teen.


Apex Legends

Apex Legends is rated T for Teen.



Valorant is rated T for Teen.


Game educators

Sonja Lappalainen