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School of Gaming's unique club concept for those gamers who want to learn to create games. This is not a coding club but a game creation club where every role is equally important from storytellers to audio designers. The aim is to make great games! Minecraft Education license is included in the price.

With only 39€/month you get a weekly lesson (1.5h) and an access to all our community events.
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Basic info

Have you ever wanted to create your own game? Now it's possible! In School of Gaming's "My Game Studio" activity, you can take on the role of a game designer, programmer, or even a level designer. You can try out various roles and focus on what you enjoy the most. Join us in founding your own game studio!

In this club, besides programming you'll learn how to design your own games, then bring them to life. We break down the process into easy to grasp steps. The storied learning environment encourages you to discover and unleash your creativity. Besides creativity, the club enhances problem-solving skills, planning, and teamwork, providing participants with positive learning experiences and a sense of accomplishment.

For whom is this club?

What does it take to set up your own game studio? Who hasn't dreamed of creating a hit game with friends? But what does it really take? Programming skills alone aren't enough to capture an audience's interest. Various skills and roles are needed to take a game from the design table to everyone's lips. In addition to programming, you'll need design, graphic skills, project management, testing, and of course, marketing.

The club leader is a professional in software and game design with qualifications as a game educator.


This group is intended for children aged 8–10 who are at the beginning of their programming and game design journey. The club meets weekly.

An image from School of Gaming's Boolean Bay Game Design Minecraft Education World.
Join in for 39€/month.

Participate weekly from your own home

The club meets weekly. If a session is missed during any week, it can be made up during another Minecraft session. Each 90-minute session includes a physical activity break. In all our clubs, we teach healthy gaming habits and the basic skills of digital citizenship.

The club meets online on the Discord platform, which you can download for free from the internet or an app store. To participate in the club, you will also need a computer with Minecraft Education installed. The license is included in the club fee.

Safety is our top priority

Since we operate online, your child's online safety is of utmost importance to us. We provide instructions on how you, as a parent, can ensure your child's online safety, and we do everything possible on our end to keep your child safe.

Each group is led by a trained professional in game education. Game instructors, or "gedus," provide a safe and positive gaming environment for gamers. They can always be reached via email or phone.

The best hobby ever

Participating in the club requires some initial setup, but you have the support of the server attendants in the Lounge and the office staff. Once the system is set up, the gaming club is "the easiest hobby ever," as one of our customers said. You don't have to drive your child anywhere, bake chocolate chip cookies, or argue about whether to go to the club this week. All our gamers eagerly await the weekly gaming club.

It comes with an inclusive and safe community

In addition to the weekly gaming club, your child can join our safe gaming community. We have zero tolerance for toxicity and bullying. Our moderators have eyes and ears everywhere and we have strict procedure against all bullying.

On club days, gamers can participate in casual conversations in the Lounge, and the Lounge team is always there to help if you have any issues with the computer, game, or subscription. Our gaming community always has someone to play and chat with. We also organize various community events and challenges almost weekly, to which your gamer is warmly welcome to participate.

Join in for 39€/month.
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Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education Edition is rated E for Everyone