Coding level 1

Let's Code 1 - Programming for Beginners in Minecraft


They say mastering a new skill requires 10,000 hours of practice before one can call themselves a master. When the activity is enjoyable and done with a great group, the hours fly by effortlessly. Every aspiring game coder has to start somewhere, and this is the perfect place to begin. Join our fun programming crew.

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What to expect?

  • Experience a beginner-friendly programming class where engaging tasks and projects introduce coding novices to the enchanting world of programming. 
  • Using a narrative learning environment, participants are enticed to explore and discover. 
  • This program fosters problem-solving skills, planning abilities, and teamwork, creating positive learning experiences and a sense of accomplishment.

Let's Code is a lesson tailored for budding programmers, immersing them in the marvelous realm of code through easy tasks. Gamers learn programming through Minecraft, working together to solve both big and small challenges. The building blocks of code start falling into place, much like in Tetris, without even realizing it.

Fundamental computer programming concepts and operations (e.g., boolean true/false, if-then-else statements, variables) become familiar in a highly visual manner. Club members apply their newfound skills to create cool features in Minecraft.

While programming skills are the core focus of this lesson, young gamers also learn to plan, collaborate, and work as part of a larger group with a shared goal. Communication skills develop, and problem-solving abilities are tested as participants tackle the "nuts" presented by the game educator.

Programming is one of those skills that requires constant practice and repetition. There will always be new walls to break through, and the game educator is there to make practice meaningful, facilitating problem-solving by brainstorming solutions together.

Through positive learning experiences, the acquisition of a new skill takes off with an inspiring boost. Nothing is more addictive than the feeling of accomplishment in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. The satisfying flow of coding is unmatched.

Which type of gamer is the lesson a perfect fit?

For those who want to learn coding and are in the beginning of their learning path.
Join in for 39€/month.
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Minecraft Education Edition is rated E for Everyone