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Game Design and Programming

Join Tekola Nisla's games workshop and learn game design and programming while developing creativity and goal-setting skills. Design your own dream game and become a future game developer!


Welcome to Tekola Nisla's games workshop! Here, young gamers interested in game design and the gaming industry come together to plan and implement their visions using different game design tools such as Unreal Engine, Unity and Roblox Studio. And who is Tekola Nisla? Well, he is the greatest inventor of the whole Sogversum! We can all learn a lot from him! Btw, did you know that Fortnite has also tools to design own games? Not to mention that Fortnite and other games, creativity, problem solving and goal-setting skills can also be taught.

Planning and finding your own work style are important, lifelong skills for achieving goals. This School of Gaming's program teaches those and many other skills that will be useful for gamers in the future, in their studies and later in the workplace.

In our game design lessons, we aim to create a strong sense of belonging for the group, which we maintain through open discussion, shared goals, and group exercises. We learn the basics of programming and game design. At Tekola Nisla's games workshop our game educators make sure that everyone finds interesting tasks to work on related to the game project at hand.

The content emphasis is evenly distributed across every aspect of game design. Everyone should master the basics of programming, after which we delve into the basics and theory of game design. We practice and learn what it feels like and what it means to brainstorm, plan, design and implement your dream game together with new friends. Maybe we will even establish our own game studio together! Yes, why not?!

In our game studio, we practice scripting, graphic design, and also consider marketing the games we create. Finished games can be presented at School of Gaming's own Game Festivals at the end of each semester. And of course, all games must be played and tested be fellow School of Gaming students.

Come join us at Tekola Nisla's games workshop!

Games used in this lesson:


Roblox is rated E for Everyone, but some games on the platform may have different age ratings depending on their content.


Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education Edition is rated E for Everyone


Game educators

Ari Ketunvarjo