Creative Building

Immersive Adventures in Minecraft


A lesson of joy and lighthearted fun, where Minecraft is genuinely played. All forms of performance pressure are completely discarded. In these lessons, gamers engage in various activities in their own village, where anything can happen.

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What to expect?

  • Playful activities where collaborative building creates an ever-evolving village story.
  • Gamer's self-esteem is developed through positive feedback, experiences of achievement, and communication.
  • The gamer feels part of a larger whole, enhancing feelings of meaning and purpose.
  • Combining self-expression with group activities.

Llamaland and its surrounding lands are the sunniest corner of the School of Gaming. It's so sunny, in fact, that night rarely falls there. This is fantastic if you dread zombies and all sorts of nighttime critters. Night tends to ruin all the fun, making one have to think about defense strategies and protecting the village. Much more enjoyable is trading under the sun, hosting horse races, building an amusement park for rabbits, or zooming through a wild roller coaster ride with cotton candy-stuck hair.

There's no harm in painting rainbows and unicorns on the walls of your own hut and growing wild fingerthistles under the eternal sun. Everyone adds their own flavor to this diverse corner of the Sogverse, where both Dr. Kraater and Tekola Nisla feel at home when they're not on their respective excavations. Although Tekola's explosive endeavors sometimes disrupt the otherwise idyllic life of the villagers.

In this lesson, gamers learn future skills such as collaborative learning and teamwork through pure play. Game educators support the development of children's self-esteem through positive feedback and communication. The rhythm of gaming involves changing themes that explore interesting and current topics. Good behavior and consideration for others are always in style. That's why the jointly formulated rules are upheld, fostering commitment and appropriate conduct. This creates safety and a sense of belonging. In these sessions, it's crucial for the child to engage in things that interest them and to feel like a part of something bigger.

During the lesson, participants fulfill the requests of the club members in Minecraft's Creative mode, focusing on nurturing imagination and creativity through various narrative activities.

School of Gaming's Minecraft lesson members having fun exploring and building in the game.

Which type of gamer is the lesson a perfect fit?

For those who want to build cool things in Minecraft in a really relaxed environment.
Join in for 39€/month.
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Minecraft Java

Minecraft Java Edition is rated E for Everyone